Angel Food Bakery

Digital brand building
Client: Angel Food Bakery & Kitchen
Project: Brand developmenet; social media management and strategy; consultancy; digital design
Partner: John King

We’ve worked with Angel Food Bakery for years, providing help and support across all of their digital platforms. From Halloween and Valentine’s campaigns and photo shoots, to managing eCommerce integration; we’ve had a lot of fun and some tantalising cakes along the way.

Over the last six years we’ve worked closely with Hannah and the rest of the team at Angel Food Bakery to become the best-known, and most interactive digital cupcake business in Brighton. In some ways cakes should be easy to sell on and offline, they look and taste great, but we wanted to do more than just broadcast content.  It was important from the outset that we have conversations with people.

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter: Across these channels we have grown to around 10,000 quality followers that we interact with on a daily basis. The management of the accounts is split between Borderless and the AFB team to ensure information and updates are always on time.

In more recent months Angel Food Bakery have asked Borderless to develop their in-store capabilities around point of sale, merchandising and interior design.

We liked – the interactions and positive feedback we’ve received from users over the years. And seeing just how popular cakes really are on the web!