Children’s Food Trust

Digital campaigning
Client: Children's Food Trust
Project: Digital Campaigning & app design
Partner: Emmie Spencer; Made Noise; Plume Animation

Malnutrition, including obesity, is the greatest hidden threat to children in the UK. We’ve been working with the Children’s Food Trust to end this problem.

With a refreshed brand and raft of new evidence into childhood nutrition, the Children’s Food Trust (the Trust) waere ready to start having important conversations with key audience groups.

Initially, the  Trust came to use for their key campaign launch for the State of the Nation. But as is often the case, the relationship blossomed and we worked with them to shape several campaigns and a health cookng app.

With each campaign we start with the question: What is the single most important message that needs to be communicated and what is the best way (visual and verbal) of communicating this? We worked with our brilliant partners Emmie Spencer for the campaign strategy and Made Noise for the design delivery.

The State of the Nataion

It was essential that the State of the Nation campaign worked hard for the Trust and sent a clear message to the different audience groups – that what we do in childhood nutrition now will impact an entire generation and their future wellbeing.

The concept we developed used straigh forward imagery of young children to present a stark quesKon: what do wewant children to become when they grow up? Despite the serious message behind the campaign, we actually  had brilliant fun at Capture Factory with the children and their parents who we’re invovled with the shoot.

Children's Food Trust Campaign

Seven Ages of unhealthy eating

As part of the wider campaign, the Trust had worked with the Royal College of Pediatrics to develop a narrative that would illustrate the impat a poor diet during childhood and the knock-on-effect this can have in later life. We worked with Emmie, Made Noise, and our animation partner Richard of Plume Animation  to bring Sam’s story to life. While the tone is friendly and supportive the message packs a punch and made us all think about what we were putting on our plates.

Health eating app

We liked: Being able to work on such a diverse range of projects for the Children’s Food Trust and helping them shape their communications.