UX & UI design
Client: Flocert – created at Neo
Project: data analytics; profile & personae development; task scenarios and modeling; information architecture; sketching; wireframing; content planning; interface design; art direction; build management
Partner: build by Bright Minded

Fairtrade is a globally recognised brand, however Flocert, who certify for Fairtrade were not. The company was undergoing an extensive rebranding exercise with Neo and needed a website that represented who they were as an organisation with a clear user journey to navigate their content.

It’s always a pleasure to work on a website of this scale. As part of the wider research by Neo, stakeholder interviews were conducted and were used develop profiles and personae. This was completed alongside desk research – looking at analytics to understand how visitors found and used the current website and research exploring the digital offer of their peers. Flocert’s existing website content was fully audited to identify any address any content gaps and to help support their wider digital strategy.

After undertaking the user profiling and personae development, we ran a series user journey workshops to map Flocert’s user’s needs, goals and tasks. The IA, content and task scenarios were then developed around the user requirements.

The number of required page templates created as wireframes and UI designs was extensive but this ensured a functional website with clearly defined content areas and tasks to be completed.

Testing was limited due to time and budget constraints to very simple observational and walk-through evaluation completed between Neo and Flocert’s offices. This resulted in subsequent content additions to the site and labelling changes due to the dual language.

Flocert website wireframe design

We worked closely with the writers and designers to ensure all of the content uploaded to the new site was considered and managed seamlessly so even when the deadline was brought forward by two weeks the site was still launched, populated and looked and felt great.

Borderless remotely ran Skype and Go-To-Meeting-based training sessions with Flocert’s office in Bonn.

The entire project ran for over 17 months and went live in April 2014.

We liked working on a such a large project where attention to detail is essential and no stone was left unturned!

Flocert responsive website design