UX & UI design
Client: Itad – created at Neo
Project: User experinece; website design; content planning; inferface design; build management
Partner: build by Bright Minded

Itad are a company that make the work of front-line organisations even better, providing the support, structures and skills needed to maximise the impact of those doing the delivery.

Itad website design

They needed a new website to reflect their new brand which was cantered around their analytical approach to 
their work. And to replace their old website which had no supporting CMS or ability to change their existing content.

Based on the  WordPress platform a bespoke algorithm was developed, which rationalises data from the 
work Itad puts into the CMS to draw / create their logo. This means at any given time the logo will look and feel different.

We also helped meticulously plan all 
of their content and provided a strategy and recommendations for how they could use the site going into the future.

Itad website design

We liked – bringing a brand to life using real-time technology.

Itad website design