MyMindPal app design


App UX design
MyMindPal app design
Client: MyMindPal
Project: User profiling and research; app architecure; content support, UI design
Partner: build by Bright Minded

MyMindPal are experts in human behaviour change and their mission is to revolutionise mental health and happiness with personalised digital solutions that are unique to you mind your personal happiness.



MyMindPal brand big idea

Building an MPV

Initially called MyMaxMe, the team already had their concept working for other applications such as weight loss and smoking. But it was time to build their first Minimal Viable Product (MVP) focusing on Happiness.

Working with an MPV means you need to work quickly and smartly to ensure the clients get enough to test their product and give a fair impression of how it might work in the real world. It needed enough features to allow initial shipping to early adopters to see how it would resonate and get feedback and also asses the subscription and business model for further funding.

We worked with the MyMindPal to research and develop personas for their users to help understand what motivations they had for using the app, and to test assumptions that the team had made already about the MPV. As part of the apps psychometric testing there were a lot of questions the app needed to ask in order to tailor the feedback and audio it would serve to the user so we worked everything through as wireframed prototype to assess how this could work.

MyMindPal wireframes

As part of the brand creative and development work we created a character. As part of the MPV we allowed the user to personalise the character and name it so it would great them whenever they opened the app. We had lots of brilliant ideas for how we could take this forward, but as with any MPV you need to keep focused on what you need to ship, so all the nice to haves were kept filed ready for the future.

MindMindPal app design

Team work

This project illustrated how we can flex to provide cost-effective team to scale with a project. We worked on the initial lean brand strategy and concepts with our strategist Emmie who anchored the brand with a core proposition and personality traits, through to the brand creative with our partner, Matt from Made Noise.

We also worked with Stokenbrand to create a brand animation to help explain how the product would work to investors and end users.

MyMindPal brand big idea

We liked: the working with such a passionate team and being able to help bring their vision to life.

MyMindPal app UI design for MPV