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Brand & Digital
Nash WatsonTop
Client: Nash Watson
Project: Strategy; brand building; interface design; content curation; consultancy
Partner: build by Property Jungle

The people at Nash Watson are lovely bunch. They actually care about their customer’s experiences, design and interiors, which also happens to tick all of Borderless’ boxes too. And that’s why we’ve worked together for over six years.

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Now, don’t roll your eyes. The folk at Nash Watson aren’t just any estate agents; there’s not a cheap suit in sight. These guys have ethics and style in abundance as they work towards revolutionise the way we buy and let our homes. They’re also opening a rather lovely interiors shop to become the first in their field as a true hybrid.

We’ve working with Nash Watson from their inception, creating their brand design, tone and overall look and feel. Since then we’ve developed advertising campaigns together, social media strategies, numerous websites and some rather sexy pieces of print.

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Now we’re working with Nash Watson to support them at a strategic level with their business and marketing planning. In addition to their new business venture and eCommerce platform, which read more about here:

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We liked – creating and building a lifestyle brand in partnership with our client, that has gone from strength to strength.

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