Care without carbon tablet design

Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust

UI & UX design
Care without carbon tablet design
Client: Care Without Carbon @ Sussex NHS
Project: User research; content planning; interface design
Partner: BrightMinded

Created by the NHS for the NHS, Care Without Carbon is a simple framework for delivering sustainable healthcare. Its Dare to Care campaign helps empower and motivate staff to take action for a better working life and a greener NHS.

Care Without Carbon mobile design

Designing a competent and stunning interface that works smoothly between antiquated NHS browsers and a broad range of mobile devices presents an interesting challenge.

We based the designs on the Care Without Carbon brand, which is the main access point for sustainability across the Trust. Within that an on and offline campaign was developed around users taking dares to make sustainability fun and accessible for everyone. Using bright pink was something quite different for the NHS and something that really helped set the platform apart. The feedback from the team about the site not feeling like a NHS site was exactly the result we were looking for.


UX design for Sussex NHS

First iteration - it wasn’t clear to user that they could have more than one dare.

To make the best use of limited time, we ran the program for a few months, installed HotJar and then used Google Analytics to monitor it’s performance. We were able to see some users were having problems with the dares page so we collaborated closely with the internal team and with the developers to correct the issues.


UX design for Sussex NHS

Second iteration – we provided more descriptive text and tick boxes to help make it clear to users the actions they needed to take to make a Dare.

Care Without Carbon mobile design

We liked: making a sustainable, fun and accessible framework for a broad range of users.  


Care Without Carbon Sussex NHS website design