We believe that building empathy and truly understanding your users, allows us to create brilliant digital products that have the power to change lives. We don’t believe in just making things that just look pretty – they need to fulfil a purpose to ensure everyone can have authentic experiences.


We like to understand people and problems. Some might call it nosey, but we like to explore at look at things from different angles and test your and our assumptions. We do this by using evidence, research and data to build rigorous foundations for our thinking.


We believe in giving clients, their audiences, partners and our community the biggest resource we have; of lived and learned experiences. And the space to think differently about a problem. We listen carefully, and care deeply about outcomes that work for first and foremost for humanity, but equally well for bottom lines.


We cultivate rewarding and joyful experiences with both our working and personal relationships. We believe in fun, creative expression, experimentation, adventures and building unique experiences together. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we do believe in addressing complex topics and exploring the unknown.


We actively challenge the status quo and seek to disrupt fixed ideas and thought patterns. We always speak our truth and on occasion, may say something that might feel uncomfortable. Sit with that feeling, shift that comfort zone. We’re a safe pair of hands, never flippant and work with informed data and analytics.


We advocate for the next person and beyond. Be that through building positive tech experiences, ethics, diversity, accessibility or empathy. We believe in building lasting relationships, excitement in your product and collectively moving forward with a shared purpose.

Change agent

We’ll equip and empower you to bring your digital project to life. We work with you from start to finish – every step. Large or small, a day, week, or year long project. We’re always on hand with helpful advice – no jargon – to ensure you get amazing results on time and on budget. We can work internally or externally with your organisation; whatever suits you.

Behind the scenes

Borderless is small but perfectly formed user experience and web design agency run by Sarah Rothwell, a Humanity Computer Interaction (HCI) practitioner, who works with some remarkable partners to deliver brilliant digital products.

Sarah wants every digital experience to be as effortless and enjoyable as possible for everyone concerned. Her focus is on placing the user at the centre of all projects – website, app or interface – believing it is this that makes for a better product and a bigger impact. It’s not just the outcome she cares about, but the process too – her project management skills are legendary. She’s an intelligent thinker with years of experience in the digital arena and a born problem-solver. Sarah’s varied background in strategy, brand, design, and accessibility give her a solid base for creative thinking and oodles of businesses sense. She also holds an MSc in User Experience design from Brighton University. 

Sarah’s passion of digital design began many moons ago, with her BBC Micro computer and some ski pants back in the late 80s. Since then she has worked with some of the world’s leading charities, financial institutions, and businesses alongside some inspirational independents.

In her spare time, Sarah also serves on the board of two charities. One is a Sussex-based community space, where she acts as the treasurer and digital marketing officer. And the other is a Sports Development charity, based in East Yorkshire where she servers as a NED and trustee.

“...a good interface design doesn't start with pictures. It starts with an understanding of people: what they're like, why they use a given piece of software, and how they might interact with it. ”
Jennifer Tidwell