Accelerate interior design, two people talking


Brand & Website
Accelerate interior design, two people talking
Client: Accelerate CIC & Pink
Services: Brand strategy support, identity design, content planning, content design, UI design
Partner(s): Pink; Emmie Spencer; BrightMinded; Jonty Tacon

Accelerate are a Community Interest Company based in London. They’re an inspirational team of healthcare professionals and business people who are on a mission to transform wound and lymphoedema care in the UK.

Accelerate mobile design

Working with Accelerate

We’ve been working with Accelerate via the lovely crew at Pink for a number of years and we’d always been keen to get our mitts on their brand and to sort their website too. The team were always open to the idea but were waiting for the timing to be right. A move of location and business shift in strategy and future-proofing became the right time, so with a series of brand workshops with our brand guru, Emmie Spencer we were well underway in revolutionising their brand.

With the help of the Operations Director, we worked through the brand strategy and took the rest of the team on a journey to co-create a new brand that would see them into the future and beyond. It’s often a scary prospect to change what’s comfortable, but the team were brave and went for a more radical approach that would help set them apart, showcase their expertise and also tell their own (brilliantly successful) story in a more engaging way.

A new website for a forward-thinking social enterprise

Once the brand was sorted, it was time to turn our attention to their website. While the content wasn’t bad, the structure had perhaps classically grown over the years with add-ons here and there to become what we often refer to as a bit of a Frankenstein website! That said, we love this kind of problem, placing order and ensuring clear user flow throughout a website is where we excel. We developed clear user profiles to help understand what people needed to do and what tasks they needed to complete.

The website itself has a very simple UI (user interface) and complies with AA accessibility levels so that it works brilliantly for patient and healthcare professionals. The back-end is built in WordPress with lots of different content modules, which allows the content editors to build and mange the website with ease and pop in and scale content as and when needed.

Shaping interiors for a true Centre of Excellence

As part of our wider work for Accelerate, we also designed the interiors to reflect their new brand and to ensure their patient’s experience on-site, matched the exceptional care and support they receive from Accelerate’s clinicians. We designed a simple wayfinding system to ensure patients and staff could move through the space with ease and brought to life the brand with quirky designs and powerful statements.

Accelerate mobile design
Accelerate interior design, doctor and patient talking

We liked: Accelerate’s passion and genuine desire to help patients is amazing to watch. It’s been a privilege to see the business go from strength to strength and become recognised as a Centre of Excellence for the treatment of chronic wounds and lymphoedema.