Pantanal Jaguar - David Plummer Photographer

David Plummer

Website design
Pantanal Jaguar - David Plummer Photographer
Client: Daivd Plummer
Services: User journey mapping, content planning, UI design
Partner(s): John King

Wildlife and photography have always been David’s two great loves. His previous website was dated, clunky although it did showcase his exceptional work.

David Plummer, photographer's website design

The outcomes for David

Easy to use CMS – David used to have to outsource his content updates. The new, bespoke WordPress website that John and I designed and built means that he can manage and update his content whenever and wherever he needs to.

Effortless bookings – Previously David had a protracted booking process which took a lot of time to manage. We integrated a simple calendar-based system so clients can now book onto David’s safaris with ease, while he can be out and about behind the lens – doing what he does best.

Showcasing David’s talents – the new website was built using flexible content modules, meaning David can easily add in films, image galleries and FAQs and properly showcase his talents including an integrated Instagram gallery to provide fresh content.

What we did – enabling a photographer to focus on their work not admin

David has Parkinson’s Disease, not that it defines him and how he works, in fact quite the opposite. But as part of our work, we wanted to ensure his website met high accessibility standards for both him and his clients. We made sure the website was easy to update and manage and took away some of the administrative burden while still ensuring his work and content looked great.

More than ‘just a photographer’

David isn’t ‘just a wildlife photographer’ he’s also a successful author, public speaker, and film consultant. We worked together to understand what his audiences needed to see and hear and shaped his content and website architecture to meet his current and future client’s needs.


David wanted a black website, something he’d been told wasn’t accessible. This isn’t true, high contrast websites are prefect for people with a variety of visual differences and disabilities – the main thing to ensure is that you don’t use pure white as this can create a halo effect. As David also pretty much lives in camo gear, we took inspiration from camouflage colours to inform accents and to highlight calls to action.

© All wildlife photography is owned by David Plummer

David Plummer, photographer's website design
David Plummer bird photography

We liked: we loved working with David and Sarah is even featured on his website as he set her up in one of his hides and has reignited her passion for photography.