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Home Maker Shopify Platform
Services: Brand; content; buying; styling; content planning and creation
Partner(s): Shopify

It’s not often you get the chance to help design and create a shop from the ground up, it was a fantastic experience to have been involved with. Home Maker was conceived as a brand extension of Nash Watson, and the brilliant work and passion they already had for homes.

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Working as part of the team at Nash Watson and based in their office, we designed, sourced and developed a physical and online shopping experience. Shopify was the obvious eCommerce platform as it provided a POS system that could be used in-store and provided the CMS for the website. This meant that the tediousness of stock reconciliation could be balanced whether sales occurred on or offline. We worked with the development team at Shopify on the customisation of one of their existing responsive themes for the website. 

We curated and the content at the same time as being involved with sourcing and procurement of some fantastic British designers. Getting to meet so many talented designers was a very humbling experience. Research, copy creation, art direction and population were all undertaken by Borderless and matched with the talented Joe Watson with his still life photography.

We also worked tirelessly between Shopify and the payment gateway to ensure the website was up, live and working, so that Nash Watson got the finished product they needed on time and within budget.

Home Maker mobile design

We liked: getting involved with the buying for an interiors project like this was a dream come true.

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