Imperial War museum website design

Imperial War Museum

UX & UI design
Imperial War museum website design
Client: BrightMinded & IWM
Project: User research; IA; content planning; UI design
Partner: BrightMinded; Emmie Spencer

The Imperial War Museum celebrates and commemorates lives both lived and lost during World War 1. The team behind the scenes were looking for a fresh and exciting way to deliver their content to an online audience.

In the beginning

Useful. Informative. Accessible. Surprising. These were the internal Imperial War Museum team’s ambitions for the way the WomensWork100 story was to unfold via its brand new dedicated website. We were keen to take on the challenge. 

It started with a workshop. We guided the team through a series of activities and conversations to help us understand what the user would need from the website, including what content would be of most interest and importantly, what messages they’d need to hear. 

The creative platform we went on to develop highlights the stories of women during World War 1. Working with the new WomansWork100 brand we created a distinct look and feel for the site, and shaped its content to match its users’ needs. 

The team at the Imperial War Museum loved the new design, and found it really easy to use the new WordPress CMS that those clever folk at BrightMinded created and built.

What happened next

Hot on the heels of the launch of the WomensWork100 website, the Imperial War Museum asked us to help redesign and align the information architecture of their Centenary Partnership website. was born to bring together the Centenary Partnership’s work, commemorating, showcasing and developing projects and collections on the First World War, as well as reviving interest and awareness around this momentous period in history. 

A great deal of thinking and planning had already gone into the events section of the WomensWork100 website. We were delighted to find that we were able to recycle a lot of it for the new Centenary Partnership website.

The Partnership posts hundreds of events, so ensuring that the filters were clear and easy to use was paramount for users to be able to navigate the site effectively. This element of the site is handled by a third-party API, so to bring some long-term consistency to the online content we created a clear content brief for editors to use every time they post new events. We also advised the team to create an image library that the editors could easily access to enhance the quality of each piece of new content.

Imperial War museum website design

Imperial War museum website design

We liked: We feel honoured to have worked on not just one, but two exciting projects for the Imperial War Museum. We’re very proud of the websites we’ve produced in close collaboration with the wonderful internal team.

Imperial War museum website design