Legs Matter launch

Legs Matter

Website & Campaign
Legs Matter launch
Client: Pink Marketing & Legs Matter Coalition
Services: Campaign strategy, campaign design, user journey planning, UI design
Partner(s): Pink Marketing, John King, Emmie Spencer, Plume Animation, Jonty Tacon

A recent research study estimated that the annual NHS cost of managing wounds and associated comorbidities is £5.3 billion. That’s comparable to the £5 billion spent on managing obesity. It’s time to rewrite this story – for good.

Lesg Matter website design

The outcomes for Legs Matter

Building momentum– The shared vision that we all have enables the campaign to keep up it’s momentum. This approach has accelerated their impact and visibility to everyone with site traffic growing from the first to second year by 780% and over half a million unique page views per year.

Accessibility for all – Using realistic scenarios and user journeys we were able to foster deeper empathy and understanding for the potential users of the website. Regardless of ability, it was imperative that the website interface and content was accessible to everyone. It’s simple design and structure allows patients and healthcare professionals to get the support they need.

Human-centered – Showing poor care and lack of patient support through the lens of human stories is essential for helping nudge other people seek help and support for their own conditions. Creating a platform that allows patients to give first hand accounts of their own experience is incredibility powerful and has help propel the campaign forward.

What we did – together we’re creating changing the treatment of chronic wound care for everyone

When eight healthcare charities and not-for-profit organisations agreed that there was a need for a change in the way people approached and talked about leg and foot conditions, they formed a coalition: Legs Matter. By working together to increase awareness, understanding and action amongst the public and healthcare professionals, they’ve turned up the volume on their communications and supersized their impact. Pink Marketing asked us to help create a brand, identity and website for Legs Matter, the coalition set to solve one of the biggest, avoidable health challenges of our time. 

With the help of our brillaint partner Emmie Spencer we kicked off with a series of strategy workshops with the key stakeholders from each organisation. These allowed us to map the scale of the problem and assess key audience and user needs before co-creating the campaign personality. Armed with a wealth of valuable research we shaped a campaign positioning that was fresh and positive, despite its serious message. 

Next, we got stuck into the website. It was vital that the site was user friendly, so we plotted a whole host of user journeys through the website to create the information architecture. We then designed a website user interface with W3C principles at it’s core, and supported the planning and design of the website’s content.

Photographs of wounds and wound management can be confronting, but we knew that images of real patients’ legs would bring the subject to life. To that end we managed and directed a fantastic photoshoot, with the talented Jonty Tacon behind the lens.

Such an important campaign deserves a multimedia platform. By rolling it out across a whole range of on and offline media we ensured it would reach as wide an audience as possible.


Lesg Matter campaign design

Our talented friends over at Plume Animation created this fun video to launch the campaign. It’s attention grabbing – in a good way. 

About the website

The website is Legs Matter’s flagship piece of communication. It’s a one-stop-shop, incorporating practical advice and support for both healthcare professionals and patients, and providing sign-posting to other helpful guides and services. The content isn’t blog-based pseudo-science – it’s evidence-based, reliable information that has been carefully curated and presented by the coalition stakeholders, who are all experts and thought leaders within their field.

From coding to design and content, we helped the team at Legs Matter make the website accessible to everyone. We also added a tool-tip glossary for those moments that only one of those tricky technical words will do. We made sure that the tone and language of the glossary was really easy to follow and understand. 

For the user interface (UI) design we adopted similar standards as .gov and NHS Choices. We kept the space clear and simple, enabling users to focus on the content without getting distracted by unnecessary garnish and graphics.

Lesg Matter website design

What people said:

Lesg Matter website design
Lesg Matter campaign design

We liked: helping bring to life a campaign that has the potential to dramatically change people’s quality of life. Hearing the first-hand stories of the patients we photographed was a mix of inspiration and heartbreak.

Lesg Matter campaign design