Mimosa Accessories brand styling

Mimosa Accessories

Fashion Label
Mimosa Accessories brand styling
Client: Mimosa created for Tacon Design
Services: Brand design; eCommerce consultancy
Partner(s): Tacon Design

Mimosa Accessories is a boutique Italian leather and knitwear accessories brand. Crafted by local artisans, using some of the finest luxury yarns in the world, the items are unique, sustainable and of the highest quality.

Mimosa logo options

Borderless was commissioned to work on the brand identity by Tacon Design. The client already had the name in place, Mimosa, the symbol for La Festa Della Donna (International Women’s Day in Italy) and is an expression of female solidarity. 

The brand needed to feel fresh and modern but also a nod to the heritage and traditional aspects of the artisans who make the handbags and textiles. The mark was created as an abstract representation of the mimosa flower, created as a free-hand illustration to represent the hand-made approach of the artisans. This was set against a bright yellow for the flower balanced against the elegant and aptly-titled font of Rome for the logotype. We developed a supportive, contemporary muted, toned pallet.  We then made suggestions for styling for the photography.

As part of the brand we evolved a vintage-style illustration of the full plant and leaves, which has been used on packaging and as a supporting graphic for print and digital and marketing literature.

We also helped consult on social media channels, and eCommerce platforms that the business could start with.

Mimosa Accessories Facebook options

We categorised the photography into three different areas:

  • Story telling – which would help explain the provenance of the products, capturing ‘the makers’ and their skills. This narrative also helps with higher price point items, as people can see the difference in quality and craft between a Mimosa Accessories and a lesser competitor
  • Detail showcasing quality and interesting details, such as linings, buckles, and textiles all with a narrow depth of field and soft lighting conditions to make details pop
  • Direct selling – clean shots on a white background to keep the constancy of the lighting. These also people to easily see the products, and assess or appraise the product before purchase

sample website design

Mimosa Accessories scarf detail

The direct selling and detail product photography was created by Jonty Tacon, for use on the website and in the press. Care was taken to ensure the range of photos showed in detail, the extremely fine yarn and the exceptional quality finish of these luxury products.

All photography © Jonty Tacon

Mimosa logo options
Photographic detail of a Mimosa accessories handbag

We liked working with a sustainable fashion and accessories label who really care about the quality of their products.

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