Organic Roofs, green roof on boat house

Organic Roofs

User-friendly website design
Organic Roofs, green roof on boat house
Client: Organic Roofs & Bloom
Services: IA; content planning; UI design
Partner(s): John King

Organic Roofs create, maintain and educate about Green Roofs. Owner Lee is committed to creating environmentally-friendly roofs and spaces that look great and benefit local ecosystems.

Green roof company website design

In the beginning

We’ve always admired the big impact Lee and his team have been making on local environments. So we were super chuffed when on of our agency partners Creative Bloom recommended us to Organic Roofs.

The project

We kicked off the project by auditing the existing website, using tools including Google Analytics and Hotjar, to understand exactly how users were interacting with it. The process highlighted confusion around labels and the functionality of some areas. We also noticed that the call to action was based on signing up for a newsletter, rather than getting in touch, which was having a negative effect on the number of enquiries Organic Roofs were receiving through the site.

We went on to explore the tasks and needs of users, in close collaboration with the Organic Roofs team. We also analysed the language that would resonate best with the key audiences, from architects through to home owners, and settled on a carefully curated mix of technical and more straightforward language. We then restructured the website to work around the users’ needs, slimming down the main navigation, making better use of the footer area for supporting content and showcasing the brilliant research, training and consultancy that was buried in the old site.

Having helped shape the information architecture and create a content plan, we were perfectly poised to support Organic Roofs in their content development. We also managed the population of the site, which gave us the chance to harmonise the imagery and optimise the quality of the graphics and photographs for both desktop and mobile viewing, with data plans in mind.

Green roof company website design

We liked: Working closely with Lee on the content creation and population meant we could help realise his unique ambition for the new website.

Orgnaic roofs website design