Person using bbq

The BBQ Shop

UX & eCommerce
Person using bbq
Client: BBQ Shop
Services: User journey mapping, content planning, UI design
Partner(s): Cool Ship, Moot Point

BBQ Shop had a dated website design and system that didn’t reflect the quality of the products they sold nor did it provide a brilliant user experience. We changed this for the better.

BBQ Shop website eCommerce design shown on an iPhone

Outcomes for the BBQ Shop

Intuitive eCommerce platform – we consulted with Cool Ship to create a more user-centred information architecture and prioritised key content elements such as add to basket functions, pricing and top level product information to ensure users didn’t have to dig deep to compare products or get a quick overview.

Brand building – as is sometimes the case, this project only came with a logo and no other brand details. The legacy look and feel that didn’t live up to the premium nature of the products sold on the website so, as part of the user interface design for the website, we developed a new, fresh look and feel that spoke to the intended audience in a more sophisticated way.

Clean design system – we created a set of flexible modules and content types with fixed font sizes, colourways and design details to ensure no matter how the content editor put the pages together, there was a clear design system in place. This approach means that users have less cognitive load to process when flicking between different areas of the website. And if we’re honest, it also stops clients turning their websites into Frankinsites! 😉

BBQ Shop website eCommerce design shown on an iPhone
Man using bbq

We liked: We love a good BBQ! And it was great to learn more about BBQs and the purchasing process for the ‘average’ BBQ buyer. At last a website I’ve worked on that my Dad would like!

BBQ Shop website eCommerce design shown on an iPad