The Whippet Inn restaurant website design

The Whippet Inn

Website design
The Whippet Inn restaurant website design
Client: The Whippet Inn
Services: User journey mapping, content planning, UI design
Partner(s): John King

Exceptional food, wine and service has always been owner Martin Bridge’s forte. The Whippet’s previous website was dated, clunky and poorly optimised for SEO, so we set about changing that.

The outcomes for The Whippet

Imaginative design – the creation of a clear, confident and credible digital design language, which is helping to shape the future of their brand.

Easy to use CMS – previously the internal team at The Whippet struggled to get content live with the way their CMS had been configured and relied upon PDFs for their menus. Something that a lot of restaurants seem to think is necessary. But PDF menus create a poor UX for people on mobile devices and aren’t SEO-friendly so we designed dedicated menu pages that are device agnostic.

What we did – empowering an award-winning restaurant to focus on what matters

Websites shouldn’t and don’t need to be painful to use and update. Ensuring this wasn’t the case for the brilliant team behind The Whippet was as much as a priority for us as making sure the design and copy for the website were equally sublime.

Website design for restaurants – The Whippet Inn website design on a laptop

Creating more than just a restaurant website

The team at The Whippet care passionately about their product. They carefully source their ingredients and suppliers to ensure they produce exceptional results every time. We’ve used those same principles to create a website that truly reflects their dedication to the foodie cause – with an a striking design and copy to boot. We consulted with Martin on finding a copywriter that could do the website justice. It’s not just about having great design and evocative pictures of food, you also need well crafted copy to support and bolster those images in order to paint a rich and visceral feeling of what it’s actually like to experience such superior food first-hand.

Website design for restaurants – The Whippet Inn website design on an iMac

Designing an Instagram-worthy website design for a restaurant

Martin is über passionate about design. He takes his inspiration from the likes of Ralph Steadman, Quentin Blake and Gerald Scarfe and wanted to create a design that reflected those influences. We worked closely with Martin to recover some of the work another agency had done for the master brand, and he selected some typographic treatments he wanted to use. Together we created a website that was both easy to use, but also incorporated a high-end, alternative design that reflected the restaurant’s (and it’s owner’s) aesthetic and vibe.

The Whippet Inn website design for restaurants

We liked: we loved working with The Whippet Inn and we even got to sample some of gorgeous food and hospitality. Which by the way, if your in York – it should be the top of your list to visit.

The Whippet Inn restaurant website design