Website design for Tribe HIIT club gym


Gym website design
Website design for Tribe HIIT club gym
Client: Tribe
Services: User research; IA; content planning; UI design
Partner(s): John King; Made Noise; Dancing Machine

Change gym in Hove recently underwent a complete transformation. We stepped in as it was revamping its HIIT Club offering: Tribe sessions.

Website design for Tribe HIIT club gym

Made Noise had been super busy re-designing Tribe HIIT Club’s visual identity, and asked us to get involved when the time came to shape the new website. The old site was cosmetically fine, but a lack of thought around the user experience meant that some of the key areas of the site were difficult to access. 

What we did

We began by exploring the purpose and ambition of the website. We weren’t just changing the site for the user – the Change team needed to be able to navigate the new WordPress CMS easily, too. We wanted to create a well-rounded experience for everyone at stake.

Understanding Tribe’s marketplace and the motivation the gym’s users had for coming to the gym was vital to this project. We ran a stakeholder workshop, which revealed that the Change team are integral to the gym’s brand – they’re super personable and have a loyal following. We then led a detailed workshop in which we mapped out the key tasks that users need to complete when visiting the website. In response to our research we structured the content around a smooth booking process for gym regulars, and enabling new visitors to get more of a flavour of Tribe HIIT Club from their online experience.

Real stories make the most compelling content – and gym heroes tend to be very proud to share their journeys to fitness. Tribe’s stories were buried on its existing site, so we dug them out and dusted them off, turning its regulars into stars.

Environmental graphics and gym interior design

This project offered us the opportunity to take the brand offline, into the gym itself. We suggested ways to make the space look less masculine, advising on finishes and helping bring the brand to life with environmental graphics, typography and logo placements.

Website design for Tribe HIIT club gym
Tribe HIIT Club - gym space design

We liked: Creating clear, task-orientated websites is what we love best – and that was exactly the challenge we were offered. Oh, and working with Made Noise and Dancing Machine is always a pleasure, too!