App interface design
Client: WWF-UK – created at Neo
Services: Content planning; storyboarding; interface art direction; build management
Partner(s): build by Bright Minded

This was an exciting new digital project for the WWF-UK schools team. We combined a lean approach to the project, alongside the core principles of user-centred design.

This fun and simple little iPad-based app brings to life several characters into an interactive game for children ages 7-11.

Using WWF’s existing characters that were created by Neo, and selection of video clips a series of questions were developed to asses which character the user was most like. The user navigates through a series of questions, which work against a simple algorithm to calculate which character traits they’re most like.

Upon completion the user is provided with a few helpful tips for how to improve their eco-habits.

Why not have a go yourself: Play here

We liked – since the app launched people play the game once and then go back to see if they can actually change their behaviour to become more like another character!